Frederic Laberge

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Description

neurobiology, comparative neuroanatomy, behaviour, cognition, conditioning, learning and memory, motivation, phenotypic plasticity/flexibility, adult neurogenesis, brain size, neurophysiology, ecophysiology, neurotoxicology, fishes, fire-bellied toad

Research Summary

Environmental health,Animal biology

Techniques Used

behavioural assays, prey catching conditioning, histology, tract-tracing, immunohistochemistry, functional neuroanatomy, in vitro intracellular electrophysiology

Lab Equipment

ABET touch screen system, plus-maze, aquatic housing system, vibrating microtomes, microtome-paraffin embedding, Tissue-Tek paraffin embedding machine, Nikon Eclipse i90 imaging system, Neurolucida software, Leica microscope with drawing tube, sharp electrode intracellular electrophysiology rig, Signal software, stimulators

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