Genevieve Newton

Research Areas
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Research Description

My research interests are in the area of knowledge mobilization, specifically within the field of human health and higher education. I investigate how to effectively communicate knowledge to a variety of audiences in order to effect positive and lasting change.

Research Summary

My current research falls into three domains, all of which relate to knowledge mobilization. My first research domain relates to knowledge mobilization in nutrition, including (but not limited to) dairy products and alternatives as foods for health. This component of my research is as a co-investigator with the Guelph Family Health Study. My second research domain relates to knowledge mobilization in musculoskeletal health, with a focus on evidence-based clinical practice. My third research domain relates to knowledge mobilization in higher education, with a focus on identifying strategies to enhance student learning in undergraduate and graduate biological science at the course and program level. Overall, the goal of my research is improve the communication of scienc

Techniques Used

Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research methods

Lab Equipment


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