Glen Van Der Kraak

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Description

steroid hormones, prostaglandins, insulin-like growth factors, stress, risk assessment, weight of evidence, apoptosis, autocrine and paracrine regulation,

Research Summary

My research focuses on the reproductive physiology of fish. We study which hormones affect ovarian follicle development and if there are hallmark responses (changes in hormone biosynthesis, receptor abundance, recruitment of downstream activators) that determine whether an ovarian follicle is destined to mature and ovulate. This research is fundamental to defining spawning success which is a prime measure of reproductive fitness and provides the toolbox that we use to examine the mechanisms by which endocrine disrupting compounds (pharmaceuticals; ammonia) and complex environmental effluents (municipal waste water, pulp mills; oils sands process affected water) affect ovarian physiology.

Techniques Used

Measurement of reproductive success in zebrafish in vivo; Functional assays of ovarian and testicular and liver physiology; hormone measurement by radioimmunoassay and ELISA, gene expression using quantitative PCR; assessment of stress in fish, quantification of cell death.

Lab Equipment

Brazil, Iran, United States

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