M. Alex Smith

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

Most terrestrial animals are arthropods, most of these are insects and most of these are unknown to science. In my lab group we study the diversity of arthropods across gradients (elevation, forestry, agriculture) to better understand how and why species live where they do (and how that is changing).

Research Summary

In this lab, we work to better understand the contemporary distribution of hyperdiverse, and often cryptic, species of insects across major ecological gradients in tropical and temperate environments. Our research is built upon projects designed to explore the causes and consequences of biodiversity across elevational, latitudinal and disturbance gradients and builds on long-term collections using phylogenetic, functional and physiological measures. I am committed to teaching, and learning from, diverse individuals and scientists, participating in outreach, improving how we communicate science, and publishing accessible research and data.

Techniques Used

Biodiversity analyses, DNA barcoding, morphometrics, thermal tolerance, R-based analyses of diversity, phylogeny, ecology and morphology.

Lab Equipment

PCR, QPCR, Leica automontage, scanning electron microscopy.

Locations of international collaborators

Costa Rica, Belize, French Guiana, United States.

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