Malcolm Campbell

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Plants possess remarkable mechanisms that allow them to perceive, interpret, and respond to internal (from within) and external (environment) cues. Plants respond to these cues by making internal adjustments to the way they acquire and allocate resources. This ultimately allows plants to optimise their growth and development and adapt to their environment. Our team studies these processes.

Research Summary

As they are literally rooted in place, plants possess remarkable mechanisms that perceive, interpret, and respond to internal and external cues so as to optimise plant growth and development relative to prevailing environment conditions. Despite the incredible diversity in plant forms, the molecular mechanisms that control plant responses to internal and external cues are highly conserved across diverse genera. The timing and localisation of these mechanisms shape plant and development. Our research team aims to gain greater insights into molecular mechanisms that plants employ to convert internal cues and external signals into appropriate adjustments in resource acquisition and allocation, focusing on the role of gene regulation in conditioning these adjustments.

Locations of international collaborators

University of Leeds (UK); IsoLife BV (Netherlands); Bruker Biospin Corporation (USA).

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