Philip Millar

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanisms which control sympathetic outflow and the resultant effects on blood pressure regulation. We seek to apply exercise and nutritional interventions as therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease states (e.g. hypertension). We are also interested in optimizing exercising rehabilitation strategies to maximize cardiorespiratory fitness.

Research Summary

My human research program has three primary areas of interest.
First, we are using single-unit muscle sympathetic nerve recordings to understand the organization and regulation of the sympathetic nervous system in response to a stress. We have shown (PMID: 30388036) the capacity for differential control of postganlionic sympathetic single units directed towards skeletal muscle.
Second, we are determining the mechanisms responsible for inter-individual variability in blood pressure responses to exercise. We have made key contributions to determining the role of genetic variants and muscle strength in this area (PMID: 30206938; 29135658).
Third, we study the clinical utility of exercise rehabilitation and are currently conducting a exercise training study in patients with Parkinson's.

Techniques Used

Microneurography (multi- and single-unit muscle sympathetic nerve activity)
Pulse wave velocity (arterial stiffness)
Doppler ultrasound (peripheral blood flow)
Photoplethysmography (beat-to-beat blood pressure)
Electrocardiography (heart rate)
Heart rate variability
Baroreflex sensitivity
Mental stress

Lab Equipment

Microneurography systems x2
Blood pressure monitors (discrete and ambulatory)
Lower body pressure tank
Exercise equipment

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