Robert Hanner

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[email protected]
Research Areas
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Research Description

We employ DNA-based biomonitoring tools to identify agricultural pests, food ingredients, invasive alien species, vectors of zoonotic disease, viruses and rare or threatened species in natural and industrial environments. This information is necessary for knowledge-based decision making in support of varied animal and plant heath programs, environmental monitoring and food integrity initiatives.

Research Summary

Molecular biodiversity research and highly qualified personnel training are lab focal points. Using field and lab-based methods together with bioinformatic tools and statistical modelling approaches, we study the patterns and drivers of species habitat occupancy, community assembly and food web ecology. This information is central to addressing a variety of questions pertaining to biodiversity conservation, environmental effects monitoring and food security. We also contribute to the development of standard methods and best practices necessary to enhance receptor uptake capacity for a variety of partners including indigenous peoples, industry, governmental as well as non-governmental organizations, and other citizen science initiatives.

Techniques Used

Biospecimen and environmental sample collection, environmental DNA (eDNA), molecular biodiversity assessment, DNA barcoding, bioinformatics, biotechnology, conservation genetics, cryopreservation, ecological effects monitoring, habitat occupancy modelling, molecular diagnostics, morphology, phylogenetic systematics, probability and statistics, applied biomonitoring, gel electrophoresis, endpoint PCR, quantitative real time PCR, droplet digital PCR, Sanger and high-throughput sequencing (HTS) of DNA and RNA.

Lab Equipment

Various eDNA samplers, centrifuges, portable and bench-top style PCR and qPCR machines, PCR cabinets, microscopes, computational workstations, fluorometer, field gear, LN2 cryogenic freezer.

Locations of international collaborators

Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States.

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