Ryan Gregory

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Description

My interests in the life sciences are very broad and cover many different disciplines such as genomics, cell biology, morphology, behaviour, physiology, developmental biology, ecology, and palaeontology - all linked by the unifying theme of evolution. Although my primary research focus is on genome evolution, I consider myself a biologist first, an evolutionary biologist second, and a genome biologist third.

Research Summary

My lab conducts research on the following themes:
1) Large-Scale Genome Evolution: We study the evolution of genomes at large. In particular, my primary topic of study in this regard are the "C-value enigma," transposable elements, and whole-genome duplications.
2) DNA Quantification Methodology: My lab is continuing to develop a new method of computerized image analysis for the measurement of nuclear DNA content.
3) Biological Diversity: We are interested in DNA-based methods for species identification and discovery, as well as general questions in evolutionary biology to understand how biological diversity arises at all levels.
4) Macroevolution and Multi-Level Selection Theory: We study genome size evolution to understand the operation of natural selection and other evolutionary principles at multiple levels.
5) Integrative Genomics and Evolutionary Biology: One of my primary interests is in integrating diverse and otherwise disconnected fields within the biological sciences. This includes not only making genome size and other data widely available to researchers in a range of disciplines, but also the creation of explicit partnerships between biologists in different fields.

Techniques Used

PCR, RT-PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA extraction, computerized image analysis, scanning densitometry, flow cytometry.

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