Sherri Cox

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Description

As a wildlife veterinarian and Medical Director at the National Wildlife Centre, I am passionate about helping to improve the health and welfare of wild animals and disseminating new information about unique cases I see when treating sick and injured wildlife.

Research Summary

My research is rooted in wildlife rehabilitation. Specifically, I am interested in the welfare of wild animals and helping restore health to sick and injured wildlife. I am also interested in looking at anthropogenic effects on wildlife that have been admitted to rehabilitation centres. There are so many ways that our actions have an impact on wildlife, and I am interested in helping wildlife rehabilitators care for wild animals for subsequent release back to the wild. I am also interested in wild animal welfare when working with free-ranging wildlife. In addition, we are investigating the extent of lead toxicosis in many (apparently) healthy Trumpeter Swans, as well as investigating other morbidities in individual wild animals admitted to rehabilitation centres.

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