Jinzhong Fu

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
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Research Description

I am an evolutionary biology working with amphibians and reptiles, particularly frogs and lizards from the Tibetan area and central Asia. My research mostly focuses on their genetic basis of adaption and speciation. I am also interested in their morphological, behavioural, and life history evolution.

Research Summary

My recent research includes detecting genetic and phenotypic variations of a common toad (Bufo gargarizans) along elevational gradients, establishing associations between them, and understanding how these variations may have contributed to the adaptation process. I am also studying the Phrynocephalus lizards, particularly their signal evolution, special adaptation to high-elevation environment (5000m), and population genetics and speciation. I also plan to return to one of my favorite research topics, the evolution of unisexuality in the Caucasian rock lizards (Darevskia).

Techniques Used

Field survey, DNA sequencing, microsatellite DNA analysis, genome analysis, chromosome analysis.

Lab Equipment


Locations of international collaborators

Western China, central Asia, Caucasus countries.

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