Alison Duncan

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
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Research Description

Our lab studies how what people eat can affect their short- and long-term health. We do this through studies that involve people eating different foods and completing body measurements that relate to risk of different diseases. We also work on collecting information from people using questionnaires to better understand people's consumption and understanding of foods that can affect their health.

Research Summary

My research is focused on the biological effects of functional foods on chronic disease-related endpoints evaluated in human intervention studies. I have a focus on the agri-food-health continuum with a particular interest in studying the health effects of agri-foods such as soybeans, lentils and beans. I am interested in studies in all life-stages, however am actively involved with the Guelph Family Health Study (focus on families with young children) and with Agri-Food for Healthy Aging (focus on older adults). I am also interested in examining how different sub-groups perceive and consume functional foods as examined through comprehensive questionnaires.

Techniques Used

Human clinical trials; blood samples; anthropometric measurements; insulin analyses; satiety studies; dietary assessment; questionnaires.

Lab Equipment

Centrifuge to process blood samples; freezers to store samples; food record analysis software.

Locations of international collaborators

United States

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