Cortland Griswold

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My lab works on:
1) Coalescent-based models of biodiversity
2) Polyploid population genetics (theoretical)

Research Summary

A current focus of our coalescent-based work is the development of models to support inferring historical processes that shape an ecological community, from genes to ecosystem processes. These models have applications across the domains of life, from microbial communities to grasslands. A corollary to this work is theory in support of the interpretation of metagenomic data. In the area of polyploid population genetics, our work is currently focusing on models of multilocus selection, with potential application to understanding the evolution of recombination rates and diploidization.

Techniques Used

Coalescent, Markov models, differential equations, recursion, stochastic processes, combinatorics, population genetics, quantitative genetics.

Lab Equipment

Mac Pro workstations, Mathematica.

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