Ryan Norris

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My research focuses on the ecology and conservation of wild animal populations, with an emphasis on threatened or endangered species. We seek to understand the factors that contribute to the decline or promote the persistence of species, as well as the role of protected areas for conserving their long-term viability.

Research Summary

Research in my lab is focused on the behaviour, ecology, and conservation of animals living in seasonal environments. Much of our field work is conducted on songbirds and butterflies but also includes past and present studies on salamanders, fruit flies, nightjars, seabirds, and domestic cats. We use both observational and experimental approaches, often combining these with emerging tracking technologies, to understand factors influencing variation in fitness and population abundance. Our two primary long-term studies are on Canada jays in Algonquin Park, ON (50+ yrs) and Savannah sparrows on Kent Island, NB (30+ yrs).

Techniques Used

A variety of observational and experimental field techniques, stable isotope analysis, miniaturized archival tracking devices, radio telemetry, remote and on-board cameras.

Lab Equipment

Telemetry equipment (receivers, antennae), automated radio telemetry towers, microbalance, camera traps, on-board cameras, portable butterfly cages, flight simulators for insects, a variety of field equipment for birds and butterflies.

Locations of international collaborators

Denali National Park, UC-Denver, Cornell University, Williams College, Bowdoin College (US), CSIRO/University of Queensland (Australia), Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, University of Oldenburg, Institute of Avian Research-Williamshaven (Germany), University of Exeter (UK).

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