Shoshanah Jacobs

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My research explores: 1) Biomimetics, the transfer of biological models and knowledge into technological innovations; 2) Higher Education, focused on evidence-based approaches to experiential and transdisciplinary education and community-engaged learning; and, 3) Ecology, focused on seabirds behavioural ecology and Personal Protective Equipment litter in metropolitan areas.

Research Summary

I conduct research along three axes:
1) Education: Our research program is designed to serve at the leading edge of scholarship in experiential and transdisciplinary education. It is driven by the existing evidence base in pedagogical best practice, in partnership with community need.
2) Biomimetics: Nature is overflowing with inspiring solutions to the world's most wicked problems. We work to understand how knowledge is successfully accessed and how biology is taught to non-specialists.
3) Environmental Ecology: We study mate selection and nest energy dynamics of seabirds and large ocean regime changes though DNA metabarcoding. We are also currently looking at Personal Protective Equipment litter in metropolitan areas.

Locations of international collaborators

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (Costa Rica); University of Pennsylvania, University of Georgia, Institute for Seabird Research and Conservation, The Biomimicry Institute (USA); Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Technical University of Munich (Germany); Active Innovation Management (France); Biomimicry Switzerland (Switzerland).

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