Baozhong Meng

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

Viruses are simple but fascinating microbes. They are also important for a number of reasons, including that they are major pathogens of humans, animals, and plants. In my lab, we focus on viruses that affect plants, especially grapevines. Ultimately, my research goal is to understand viruses and viral diseases for the betterment of agriculture.

Research Summary

The ultimate goal of my research is to understand viruses and viral diseases for the betterment of agriculture. Our research involves a number of important viruses that infect plants, which include Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus (GRSPaV), a ubiquitous and important pathogen of grapes worldwide. Current research directions include: Processing and subcellular localization of polyproteins; structure and cellular localization of viral replication complexes; evolution and bio-informatics of grapevine viruses; development of virus-induced gene-silencing vectors ; and, development and application of technologies for the diagnosis of grapevine viruses.

Techniques Used

Our goals are being achieved through investigations using multi-disciplinary approaches including those used in virology, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry and through national and international collaborations.

Locations of international collaborators

University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy); University of California-Davis, Cornell University, Agricultural Research Service, Oregon State University (USA); Stellenbosch University (South Africa); The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited (New Zealand); University of Adelaide (Australia); Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China); University of La Rioja, (Spain); Agro-Paris-Tech (France).

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