Josef Ackerman

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My lab examines the biology and ecology of aquatic organisms within their fluid environment. To do so, we apply theories, models, and ideas from the fields of ecology and hydrodynamics. We contribute to the conservation and recovery of species and ecosystems in southwestern Ontario, including the Great Lakes and their watersheds.

Research Summary

The ecological and evolutionary problems that underlie my research interests include the convergent evolution of morphology, the manner by which organisms have adapted to their physical environment, physical aspects of energy transfer through ecosystems, and physical-biological linkages in aquatic systems. My lab is currently examining the physical ecology of trophic interactions, reproduction (including abiotic pollination and broadcast spawning), physical-biological interactions and larval recruitment, limnological processes involving hypoxia, hydrological processes involving benthic organisms, and sediment/substrate-water interactions.

Techniques Used

Invertebrate and plant sampling, ecological and hydrodynamic modeling, flow visualization, suspension-feeding and particle deposition studies, artificial reproduction, and rearing techniques.

Lab Equipment

Lab equipment: Acoustic doppler velocimeter, constant temperature anemometer, digital particle imaging velocimeter, laser Induced fluorometry, flow cytometer. Field equipment: uSquid Eddy covariance system, acoustic and ultrasonic Doppler velocimeters, acoustic Doppler profiler, DO loggers, fluorometers, weather station.

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