Sally Adamowicz

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Description

I am interested in the diversity of life and aim to answer questions such as: How many species are there?Why are some groups of organisms so much more diverse than others? To answer these questions I look at DNA sequences, traits of diverse organisms, and information from the fossil record. I also contribute to the Barcode of Life campaign by exploring how DNA sequences can be used to answer scientific questions. I my research I particularly focus on aquatic invertebrates and biodiversity of the arctic.

Research Summary

I have five major axes of research:
1) The Shape of the Tree of Life: I aim to understand the relationships amongst species and the factors that influence the shape of this tree.
2) Major Transitions in Evolution: I am interested in better understanding the frequency of transitions and the rate at which reversals occur, as well as the consequences of such transitions for molecular evolutionary patterns and speciation rates.
3) Evolutionary Trends: I am also interested in the question of whether there are large-scale patterns in the history of life.
4) The Diversity and Integrity of Freshwater Ecosystems: I approach this topic using molecular, ecological, and taxonomic methods to study the diversity, distributions, traits, and origins of species.
5) The Diversity of Polar Life: Using DNA barcoding, I aim to discover the true extent of arctic species diversity and to understand the geographical distributions and origins of arctic species.

Techniques Used

DNA sequence and barcoding, organismal trait analysis, fossil record analysis, comparative analytical methods, freshwater invertebrates sampling

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