Steve Crawford

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Description

My research program is divided into three major themes:1) the development, behaviour, and population dynamics of fish, and the responses of ecosystems to disturbances in the Great Lakes basin; 2) the management of natural resources, especially as they relate to fisheries decisiong; and, 3) Indigenous-Western Science Knowledge Systems and how these can be woven to advance resource management and engagement alongside Indigenous communities.

Research Summary

My research program is divided into three major themes:
1) Great Lakes Fish Ecology: This includes developmental biology, animal behaviour, fish habitat, effect of exotic species, species-at-risk, fish population and community dynamics, and the response of ecosystems to natural and human disturbance.
2. Science in Natural Resource Management: I focus on Indigenous resource management negotiations with Canada, Ontario, as well as Industry and Environmental NGOs. Consistently, one of the major issues in these negotiations is the quality of science in management decision-making.
3) Indigenous-Western Science Knowledge Systems: I critically examine the theoretical and practical basis for engagement between traditional knowledge holders and 'Western' scientists/managers. I have been fortunate to establish insightful collaborations with Ojibway, Haudenosaunee, and Maori scholars.

Techniques Used

Fish sampling, environmental assessments, duty to consult, Indigenous knowledge system, Western science knowledge system

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