Brian Husband

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My research explores the ecology and genetics of plant populations with a particular focus on reproduction; i.e. gender, pollination, mating, and hybridization. These attributes are fundamental to understanding changes in abundance and genetic diversity in organisms, and necessary for building sustainable food sources, managing impacts of invasive species, and conserving species at risk.

Research Summary

My research program investigates the ecological and evolutionary processes operating in plant populations, both wild and domesticated. Much of our work is conducted through the lens of plant reproductive systems, which control the quantity and quality of sperm and eggs, patterns of mating, and ultimately the transmission of genetic variation from one generation to the next. Current research projects include: 1) mating system variation and evolution, 2) polyploid speciation, 3) genetic and phenotypic consequences of whole genome duplication; 4) biology of small populations, and 5) impacts of hybridization between introduced species and endangered congeners. We work on a variety of study systems, including Arabidopsis, apple, strawberry, fireweed, American chestnut, and mulberry.

Techniques Used

Microscopy, mating system estimation, population genetic analysis, pollen analysis, genome size and ploidy estimation, pollination biology.

Lab Equipment

Flow cytometer, particle counter, thermocyclers, microcentrifuge, plate centrifuge, drying ovens.

Locations of international collaborators

Prague (Czech Republic); Coimbra (Portugal).

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