Jamie Burr

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Summary

Our research centres on the application of physical activity and other acute/chronic perturbations to human physiology to understand how and why the body adapts to these stresses. We take an integrative systems approach, with our work focusing on interventions and assessments of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular physiology. Specific focus areas include projects to understand the effects peripheral blood flow manipulation, the consequences of particularly stressful exercise, and novel training methods to optimize targetted physiological adaptations. From a health perspective, we are interested in understanding how exercise can be used to prevent and control risk factors for cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease.

Techniques Used

Indirect calorimetry, blood flow restriction, ultrasound (echocardiography, flow mediated dilatation), near infrared spectroscopy, electrical muscle stimulation, blood and tissue analysis, oral glucose tolerance testing, continuous glucose monitoring, beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring, baro-receptor sensitivity assessment, cycle ergometry, running performance, strength dynamometry, linear force-velocity profiling, pulse wave velocity, blood gas analysis, plasma volume and Hb mass quantification, auntonomic balance.

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