Jen Monk

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
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Research Description

My lab studies the ways in which microbes interact with and within the intestines. In particular, we look at the effect that microbial metabolites (molecules synthesized by microbes) can have on gastrointestinal functions.

Research Summary

My students and I aim to understand the mechanistic role(s) of microbial-host intestinal communication. In particular, we focus on how microbial-derived metabolites (from dietary precursors) can influence the integrity of the colonic epithelial barrier (EB), as well as its capacity for defense and repair. The importance of this research lies on not only advancing basic knowledge on the effect of microbial metabolites on gastrointestinal functions, but also on informing the agri-food sector the ways in which the intake of nutrients, biomolecules, and dietary precursors can shape human health.

Locations of international collaborators

Max Rubner-Institute (Germany).

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