Kevin McCann

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

My lab looks at how biodiversity is structured and how global human impacts are altering this same structure and function. One of our main areas of emphasis is on the finding the structure of ecological systems that operates to maintain biodiversity. We use theory, experiments and field work.

Research Summary

Generally speaking, we are interested in understanding how biological structure, broadly defined to include structure of all biological forms, mitigates the stability and functioning of ecosystems. This question naturally leads to understanding how human impacts alter biological structure and so also how impacts may potentially alter the stability and functioning of whole ecosystems. This latter aspect of human impacts brings has our empirically motivated interests in developing practical biomonitoring techniques that span the ecological hierarchy. Our work is theoretical, empirical and experimental, and most often in aquatic ecosystems like streams, lakes and coastal oceans. We are highly collaborative and have worked globally on different ecosystems.

Techniques Used

Mathematical Ecology, field biology, micro and mesocosms, meta-analysis.

Locations of international collaborators

Cambodia, United States of America, Caribbean.

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