Rebecca Shapiro

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

The Shapiro lab studies infectious disease caused by microbial fungal pathogens. We use cutting-edge gene editing technologies, like CRISPR, to study the genetics, and mechanisms of disease and drug resistance of these pathogenic fungi.

Research Summary

To better study the biology and virulence of fungal pathogens, we are developing new genomic technology platforms for diverse fungal species. We are exploiting CRISPR-Cas9 based technologies to revolutionize the way we do high-throughput functional genomic analysis in fungal pathogens. This is enabling us to map large-scale genetic interaction networks, and uncover genetic factors and pathways that mediate important phenotypes associated with pathogenesis, antifungal drug resistance, and other biological processes associated with fungal infectious diseases.

Techniques Used

Functional genomics, microbial genetics, CRISPR gene editing, high-throughput screening, genetic screening, cloning, drug resistance testing, microscopy.

Lab Equipment

PCR machines; plate readers (Abs, fluorescence); incubators to shake microtiter plates at high density; tissue culture; electronic multichannel pipettors.

Locations of international collaborators

USA, Spain, Israel, China, UK.

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