Todd Gillis

Email Address
[email protected]
Research Areas
Research Keywords
Research Description

i) Use of comparative models to study heart disease and cardiac repair following injury.
ii) Influence of oil spills on wild salmon
iii) Cardiac function in deep-sea fish.

Research Summary

Work in the Gillis lab is focused on the vertebrate heart and the mechanisms that regulate it’s function and ability to remodel in response to a physiological stressor. Current projects include characterizing the capacity of the hagfish heart to work in anoxia (no oxygen), examining developmental plasticity in the alligator heart, and determining the influence of bitumen (crude oil) exposure on cardiac histology and function in salmonid fish.

Techniques Used

Western blotting, SDS PAGE, quantitative PCR, cardiac ultrasound, isolated functional heart preparation, tissue histology, live animal respirometry, tissue culture, enzyme kinetics, recombinant protein expression, site directed mutagenesis, muscle biophysics, stopped flow kinetic analysis, tissue proteomics using MS approaches.

Lab Equipment

Western blotting rig, ChemiDoc imager, Fuji cardiac ultrasound, Precellys tissue homogenizer, FPLC, Aurora muscle mechanics rig, stopped flow kinetic analyzer, Perkin Elmer spectroflurometer, FlexCell cell stretcher, tissue culture incubator.

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