Elizabeth Boulding

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[email protected]
Research Description

Genomic basis of local adaptation, Heritability of phenotypic plasticity, genomic basis of the evolution of mutualism

Research Summary

In eastern Canada, the lumpfish and a North American wrasse, the cunner, significantly reduce adult lice densities on salmon living in marine sea cages. My group's work has the following objectives: 1) determine the best size-class of cunners to use in commercial sea cages; 2) examine variation in lice-cleaning performance among cunners and among lumpfish from different stocks; 3) assess heritable variation in lice eating behaviour; 4) Conduct lice challenges of pedigreed salmon with and without the lice cleaner fish present.
3) Increased sea surface temperatures have allowed larval shore crab to invade western Canadian shores and prey on indigenous snail species. We are identifying genomic changes correlated with adaptation to predators in a 25 year field experiment near Bamfield, BC.

Techniques Used


Lab Equipment

Norwegian University of Life Sciences in �s Norway. University of Vigo in Vigo Spain.

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